Perform. Rest. Enhance.

How We See It

Inspired by the idea of an active multi-purpose uniform, Vaara’s design focuses on pieces that combine effortlessly with each other and support the wearer’s demanding lifestyle. Building on three main purpose pillars Perform, Rest and Enhance, Vaara offers a layered approach, providing a refined active wardrobe.

Whether at home, at your barre class, during travel or on the school run, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for elegance. Sophisticated and dynamic pieces created from premium materials shape, support and enhance, meaning you can move freely through the day.

How We Got There

Tatiana Korsakova is the founder of Vaara. As a model, mother and entrepreneur, Tatiana’s life has taken her across the world, from prestigious catwalks to the best of yoga studios. All of this has not only taught her the importance of listening to and caring for her body, but has also given her an invaluable opportunity to experience and learn from the best in both, the fashion and the wellbeing industries.

From one busy and discerning woman to another, Vaara was conceived out of the desire to create a truly luxurious and versatile active range with a modern aesthetic. Distilling her experiences and passions, Tatiana set out to bring practical yet elegant solutions to the activewear space.

How We Do It

Looking good and feeling good are undeniably related, in particular when it comes to activewear. Knowing the provenance of your garment on top of that is no longer just a nice bonus, but a ‘must’ for our times.

By engaging a tiered approach to each collection, we ensure that every piece is created with a distinct purpose. Considered, streamlined designs also mean the pieces remain relevant and last for longer.

We believe in responsible fashion, including materials and execution. Vaara is designed in London and produced across Portugal & Lithuania with great care at every stage, utilising suppliers and facilities that are in strict compliance with EU labour and environmental regulations.

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