Tatiana Korsakova: Editor's Letter

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Spring is now upon us – a time for new beginnings, new plans, energy and revival. With the sun shinning and our mood elevated, we are finally coming out of the proverbial slumber. And I could not have imagined a better and more appropriate time to launch Vaara.com. What I originally conceived a year ago as an activewear brand, has naturally evolved to encompass all aspects of a harmonious and healthy lifestyle. Because after all, we are the sum of all our parts, and with our busy lives it is increasingly difficult to find that balance.

Having worked and travelled across various continents, and having been put through more long-haul flights than is imaginable, in the last 10 years exercise and yoga have saved my back, my mind and became my passion. But missing for me were quality multi-functional clothes that enabled me to practice yoga, just as much as having a meeting afterwards. And I know I wasn’t the only one.

But it’s not just the clothes that enhance our busy lives or motivate a workout. Throughout the years I have been lucky enough to meet a variety of knowledgeable people which are shaping the wellbeing and fitness industries, and learn along the way. So I wanted to create a curated space that would combine Vaara pieces along with the tools to support an active and balanced life, including insider advice.

Vaara is not a rulebook but rather a place where insight can be shared, where the pursuit of health and wellbeing is a process that we should learn to enjoy rather than try to perfect. The site will be updated frequently with exciting content from the team and industry insiders sharing their knowledge every month. Whether you are browsing for a new yoga legging, an idea for dinner or tips on meditation, I hope you enjoy your visit!

Tatiana x

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