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As the weather is changing, so do our skin's requirements, needing a different approach and care. We've consulted with the education team at Origins, now a global brand, which was once the first of its kind to build on natural ingredients and sustainable practices. From Matcha to Mushrooms, we talk skin and plant power.

We’re now in the middle of October - what is the main difference between summer and autumn skincare regimes, what should be our main focus going into colder months?

1. As we approach the colder winter months, the weather and central heating can literally sap your skin of luminosity giving moisture. It’s important to keep hydration levels up. Keep drinking your two litres of water and give your skin an intensive treat with a super hydrating mask. The Origins Drink Up Overnight Intensive Mask is packed with thirst quenching ingredients such as avocado and mango.

2. Exfoliation is a great winter skin brightener but is often one of the most forgotten elements of your skincare routine. Our skin has a constant build-up of dead skin cells which can show itself in flakey patches and form a barrier to the rest of your skincare products resulting in reduced benefits.  Exfoliating regularly will ensure all your products, particularly your moisturiser or serum can penetrate to their full capacity and so giving the full nourishment your skin is much in need of this time of year.  Exfoliation will also encourage cell regeneration within your skin keeping it healthy. 

3. Finally, review your current moisturiser. The one you loved in the summer may now not be nourishing enough for the environmental challenges your skin faces at this time of year. Your skin produces less oil in the winter compared to the summer, this coupled with the cold and central heating etc. means a richer moisturiser is often needed.

Which two facial and one body products should every woman have, the absolute minimum of “musts” in your opinion?

For the face - Cleansing is essential to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Each day, skin is exposed to external factors that affect skin’s appearance.  Debris, makeup, sebum, dead skin cells and impurities accumulate on skin each day. Daily cleansing helps remove dirt and impurities, leaving skin looking and feeling clean and healthy, and ready for appropriate skin care products. Origins offers a range of daily facial cleansers for varying skin concerns that are all efficacious yet gentle and thoroughly cleanse.

 Additionally, a great serum would also highly recommended. Applied to your skin after cleansing and before moisturising it will deliver powerful ingredients directly to the skin. Serums are made up of tiny molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients – a great tool for targeting and treating specific concerns. Our favourite serum is the Origins Plantscription Anti-Ageing Power Serum – it’s formulated with a total of 20 targeted anti-ageing plant extracts.

For the body - a good exfoliator is key. Gently buffing away dead skin-cells will leave skin soft, refreshed and reinvigorated. Follow with a super hydrating body lotion!

A lot of the facial oils and actually most of the Origins products are plant-based, how does this work for sensitive skin types? What do you recommend? 

For sensitive skin we'd would recommend the Dr. Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Collection – it’s formulated with a signature blend of soothing mushrooms, including skin-repairing reishi mushroom and irritant-soothing chaga and cordyceps mushrooms that are typically used in Chinese medicine to heal the skin and improve its overall health. This collection will help to noticeably calm sensitivity and irritation, and reduce visible redness.

There are products within the Origins range which contain buzz-worthy ingredients like Spirulina and Spinach - what are the merits to applying superfoods topically?

Vitamin and nutrient-rich ingredients such as Spirulina and Spinach are known for their detoxifying powers and you will see the benefits when applied topically as well as when incorporated into a healthy diet. Protein-enriched algae Spirulina is known for its nutritional benefits and was used by ancient Aztec civilizations to detox the body and boost immunity, while Spinach contains numerous vitamins, phytonutrients such as beta carotene and flavonoids that provide powerful antioxidant protection. The Origins By All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask blends three super greens – Spinach, Spirulina and Green Tea with Kaolin Clay and Coconut-derived cleansers. The creamy self-activated green clay transforms into a cooling rich foam to deep clean without drying or stripping skin. Within minutes the clay gently removes makeup, skin-damaging dirt and pollutants from skin and unclogs pores.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. But more practically, which foods/nutrients, if any, can really make an impact on our skin (without having to consume buckets-full daily)?

Leafy greens such as Spinach and Kale will give your skin a dose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a healthy glow from the inside out. Nuts are also great for a luminous glow – almonds are packed with Vitamin E, while walnuts contain high levels of omega 3.

Any exciting products, ranges or even trends for next year you can lift a lid on at this stage?

Origins have just launched their first-ever tea based collection, wholly inspired by tea rituals from around the world combined with the ingredient’s rich wellbeing benefits. Origins RitualiTea Matcha Powder Face Mask’s artisanal process allows you to craft your own mask with water. When mixed, the powder transforms into an antioxidant rich tea-infused frothy cream. Each mask has a unique blend of tea leaves and raw natural ingredients to provide your skin with a restorative and healthy boost and sensorial benefits for radiant, healthy skin.

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