Full Body Workout: Your 15-minute Daily Mat Sequence

Words Vaara Photography Igor Fain / Vaara

End of January is when most New Year's resolutions on self improvement, which started on a high note, tend to recede into the background as our general enthusiasm wanes. It's cold, it's still dark and winter seems to have no end in sight. But that's precisely why we are continuing our quest for uncomplicated, effective and sustainable ways to improve our Wellbeing for this year and for years to come. No big changes required, just small manageable steps, which are easier to keep up with.



For this purpose we have created a 15-minute Mat Pilates Video with the help of London's pilates instructor Pascale Falempin. No extensive equipment or complicated routines. With just 15 minutes a day and a mat you can address various areas of your body with this sequence, and work not only the core, but your legs, arms and glutes, whether you are at home or traveling.

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