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With summer holidays well under way, we are likely to be modifying our skin and haircare regimes as well to fit in with the current season and travel plans. Here, Vaara's brand founder Tatiana Korsakova shares her favourite beauty products for Summer 2017.

Tatiana Korsakova


When it comes to summer, everyone is predominantly concerned with their skin. But let’s not forget that in the dry summer weather hair can also suffer, and therefore, benefit greatly from a more intensive approach to moisturising. And just like your skin, it also requires sun protection, which is especially important if it's been dyed or treated. There are a number of leave-in treatments with SPF on the market. But if I’m heading for a long day at the beach, I prefer to use sun protection dedicated specifically to the hair, which can at the same time keep it soft and help neutralise the harsh effects of the salty sea water.

The Oribe Hair Refresher has strengthening and conditioning benefits, plus it defends against over-drying, ageing and static, providing smoothing properties. The Institute Esthederm Sun Protection Oil is a great multi-tasker, it can be sprayed a little before sun exposure to help nourish body and hair, while enhancing the natural tanning process and defending against photo-ageing.

 Summer haircare


I actually try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible and use a lot of sun protection with high SPF as that’s one of the key (and simple) ways to ensure both, your facial and body skin remains youthful, as well as damage-free. Though, of course we all tend to feel a bit more confident with a tan, so for that golden glow I prefer to apply a self-tanning lotion. German brand Lavera’s Self-Tanner is my go-to, it’s one of the best on the market - very easy to apply, with a smooth, beautiful finish, no streaks and no bothersome scents, it’s also 100% natural, produced using organic ingredients. To help moisturise in the summer, MySpa is another lovely brand, their Shea body butter and Mango oil, which can be applied to skin and hair, as well as used in massages, are both great nourishing options.

 Lavera self-tanner


Much like with body and hair, moisturising and protecting are the key goal for me when it comes to the face as well. It’s a thoroughly-researched fact that any intensive chemical peels, most anti-ageing procedures and any serious skin treatments should be avoided in the summer so as not to expose the skin to UV rays, causing hyper-pigmentation and damaging our skin further. It's best to save those for colder months.

For me, now is the perfect time to experiment with moisturising sheet masks, which are an easy way to keep the skin supple in summertime. (Not to mention are very handy on the go if you do a lot of travel!) I also tend to switch to lighter serums, emulsions and face lotions in the summer because they absorb much faster and feel less weighty on the face than their heavier winter versions.

Below are some of my current favourites, from left to right, clockwise:
The Japanese GHC Placental Mask is great as an intensive shot against anti-ageing;
the Colbert MD Illumino Anti-Aging Brightening Mask works against sunspots, redness and pigmentation issues;
Magnetic Youthful Mask from Magicstripes helps with cell renewal, it also detoxifies and de-puffs;
The Rodial Pink Diamond Lifting Mask is especially effective before big events to revive, plump and fully revitalise the skin;
Meder Beauty Science HF5 Mascque Hydra Fill is a moisturising machine, filled with Hyaluronic acid, it also brightens and tightens.

 Face masks

Left to right clockwise, key skincare products for the face below:

The Noadada Gentle Peeling Gel comes from Japan, a country renown for their innovative skincare approach,
it works to gently cleanse and scrub without damaging sun-exposed skin;
The Regenerative Concentrate from Teoxane is a light serum helping to brighten
the skin and banish any signs of fatigue;
The Morning Time Cleanser from Eve Lom is especially effective in decongesting
the pores as a daily gentle cleanse, with a lovely scent as an added bonus;
La Mer's Eye Concentrate has a light texture, absorbs quickly and works well against dark circles circles,
additionally, when used over time it softens and smoothes the appearance of fine lines in the eye area.
Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Tonic from Rodial is another summer must-have.
The light mist tones, nourishes and keeps the skin well-moisturised, thanks to the hyaluronic acid, rose water and vitamin B3 in its composition.
And finally, the jade roller for the face - actually a year-round tool I don't go without!
It's excellent when used in the morning to cool, even out and de-puff a sleepy complexion. (Keep in the fridge for a maximum effect.)

Skincare Summer

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